HSI’s Focus on Reducing MTBF for Food Producers

November 10, 2023
Vector graphic illustration improvement to mean time between failures

Revolutionizing Food Processing with Innovative Solutions HS Innovations, Inc. (HSI) has been at the forefront of enhancing safety and efficiency in the food processing industry, with a particular focus on reducing the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of equipment. Initially a repair company, HSI, under CEO Trent Andersen, evolved into an innovation-driven firm. Our pioneering …

Why do my pneumatic valves keep failing?

July 24, 2017

If you posed that question to me, I would equate it to the age old question “How high is up?” In other words, the question is too open-ended. There are so many varieties of hydraulic valves and so many ways of failures that there could be a book to show all of these valves and …

Not Your Usual Washdown Flow Controls

July 10, 2017
Flow Control Angle

Flow controls are pretty basic little valves, but like everything else, they are only easy if you already understand how they work. In hydraulics, two general statements could be: 1. Control the flow (gpm, or gallons per minute) and you control the speed of your actuator. 2. Control the pressure (psi, or pounds per square …

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