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Food & Beverage Technology Review Interviews Trent Andersen, President, HS Innovations

In a recent interview with Food and Beverage Technology Review, Trent Andersen, owner and president of HS Innovations (HSI), highlighted the company’s transformative solutions for the food processing industry. HSI’s innovative approach and meticulous attention to detail enable them to address specific client needs and boost productivity.

Trent Andersen, President of HS Innovations, featured on the cover of Food & Beverage Technology Review

HSI takes a consultative approach, spending time with clients in their facilities to understand their challenges and develop mechanical innovations that minimize failures, reduce labor costs, and address management issues. This enables HSI to create groundbreaking products that solve multiple problems simultaneously.

During the design and engineering phase, HSI utilizes CAD design, Revit modeling, and 3D printing to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the project’s scope. Prototyping, in-house testing, and on-site collaboration with clients lead to refined and customized solutions.

Safety is of utmost importance to HSI. They incorporate distinct features like color-coding and easily identifiable elements into their products, enhancing safety and visibility in various operational settings. Their solutions, such as Chemical Cam Coupling and advanced Eyewash and Shower stations, prioritize worker safety while meeting stringent safety standards.

HSI’s commitment to knowledge sharing and continuous feedback from clients at all levels allows them to refine their solutions and improve their products over time. This collaborative approach fosters great client engagement and ensures that HSI’s solutions meet the evolving needs of the food processing sector.

To prevent contamination and costly recalls, HSI has developed revolutionary products like the Tag and Tethered (TNT) Sanitary Gaskets made of stainless steel. These gaskets eliminate the risk of foreign material contamination and offer enhanced productivity, reduced downtime, and lower recall risks.

HSI’s sustainable and durable products provide long-term benefits for manufacturers seeking to optimize their operations. By prioritizing client partnership and continuous improvement, HSI is revolutionizing the food processing industry with state-of-the-art solutions.

To learn more about HS Innovations and their transformative solutions for food processing, contact us at 479-582-9000. The interview with Trent Andersen in Food and Beverage Technology Review provides further insights into HSI’s innovative approach and commitment to client satisfaction.





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