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The World of Food Processing Equipment

The World Of Food Processing Equipment, HS Innovations

The world of food processing equipment has changed substantially from the tools used to prepare food for salting, smoking, and canning. Today’s industrialized processing methods use technology to enhance systems, offering modern consumers a selection of prepackaged foods for easy consumption.   

At HS Innovations, Inc. (HSI), we design and manufacture products and equipment that improve safety and productivity in food processing. Our capabilities range from changeout and installation of a single piece of equipment to the design and build of a full production line. In this article, we explore food processing machinery trends, technology innovations, and how HSI’s Prevent Shut-Off Valves enhance quality control.  

The Evolution of Food Technology   

Industry leaders and innovators have partnered for years to improve food quality and production. In today’s competitive industry, modern technology is used to make food processing safer and more efficient. The evolution of food technology is accelerating with the introduction of digital technology that automates food processing production lines, facilitating communication between sensors, machines, and control systems. 

The industry is automating to achieve high-volume production with output precision and consistency. Automation also plays a vital role in simplifying food quality and safety standard compliance. The food processing and manufacturing industry continues to find ways to incorporate sustainability, with an increased focus on developing energy-efficient equipment and utilizing renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power at production facilities. 

Trends With Food Processing Machinery 

The industry and food processing machinery manufacturers continue to adapt to market and consumer expectations, and laws such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). What are some of the trends relevant to food processing machinery?     

Sustainability. Waste reduction and water conservation, together with energy efficiency, are a machinery development focus. HSI’s Oil Reclaim & Cooling Assist (ORCA) system eliminates the need for water to cool oil and sediment/crumb generated by food manufacturers in the poultry industry. 

Customization and flexibility. Modular design allows equipment to be upgraded or configured to produce a wide range of products without significant additional investment by processing companies. 

Enhanced sanitation and hygiene. Advanced technologies such as antimicrobial coatings, ozone treatment, and ultraviolet (UV) light sanitization are being integrated into food processing equipment. Designs are also adapted to provide easy-to-clean surfaces and components that can withstand industry sanitation processes. 

Food Industry Technology Innovations  

The most impactful food industry technology development is the implementation of smart technology that enables real-time monitoring of equipment performance and predictive maintenance. Sensors embedded in machines collect data, including operational speed, humidity, and temperature, to allow for swift system adjustments. Pre-set parameters automatically adapt systems to optimize product processing for enhanced results.    

Advanced processing technologies, including ultrasonic, microwave, and high-pressure processing (HPP), are entering the market as they offer increased shelf life, enhanced flavors, and improved food safety. Innovations in food industry processing equipment extend beyond digital technology and include practical designs that enhance safety, minimize downtime, and are simple to operate.  

Advancements in Food Processing Quality Control  

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines food processing quality control operation as “a planned and systematic procedure for taking all actions necessary to prevent food from being adulterated.” HS Innovations’ series of Prevent Shut-Off Valves is designed for use in poultry and other food processing plants. The unique design allows for quick and easy verification of valve status, and various cam colors, specified by clients when ordering, identify the flow fluid. An integral tamper-resistant Red locking device allows the valve to be Safely Locked Out in the “Off/Closed” position to improve safety.

HSI Prevent Shut-Off Valves are manufactured with the highest quality materials and engineered to last at least five times longer than other valves, even when caustic chemicals are used for cleaning and sanitizing. With this product, clients have more mean time between failures, increasing production time.    

HS Innovations has over ninety years of combined poultry processing experience, which gives us deep industry insight into the food processing industry. Our patented products are designed for safety and simplicity of operation. Contact HSI today to upgrade your company’s food processing equipment.  

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