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Improving Performance in Food Production Facilities

Food Production Facilities

Food production facilities today have to maintain maximum efficiency while catering to the ever-growing needs of consumers for increased value and sustainability. Competition is fierce, and standards and regulations are strict. Under these circumstances, how can food production facilities optimize performance? 

Waste Reduction in Food Production Facilities

One key strategy to improve performance and keep production lines running smoothly is to reduce waste. The reduction of waste helps to lower costs and make production more efficient. There are now several waste reduction services and products available. One example is the system known as “pigging.” This system recovers residual liquids from pipelines in a safe and sanitary way and then moves them to other products and packaging, saving product that would otherwise be wasted, and reducing overall costs in the long run. Water conservation technologies are another major player in this regard.

Preventive Maintenance on Equipment Used in Food Processing Operations

When it comes to sophisticated food production technology, preventive maintenance is essential. If the need arises for repairs on a facility’s equipment, this will lead to downtime, increasing costs and reducing efficiency. A preventive maintenance plan can prevent this from happening. There are smart technology options on the market that make it easy for manufacturers to monitor the condition of their technology and streamline their operations. Working with a reputable provider of food production technology will help to draw up and implement an effective preventive maintenance and service plan to keep your production line running without interruption. 

Achieving Sustainability in Food Production

Sustainability is one of the biggest requirements for the success of food production facilities today. Consumers want to know that their food is ethically sourced and that it is produced and packaged in an environmentally-friendly way. Upgrading your food production facility to meet all of the current and rising trends in sustainable production is thus a crucial step in improving the performance and success of your facility. You can do so by being conscious of the use of fossil fuels in your processes, procuring ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources and using only packaging that is environmentally friendly.

Maintaining Health and Safety Standards in Food Production Facilities

Finally, there is no way you can optimize the performance of your food production facility without placing an emphasis on maintaining health and safety standards. In addition to optimizing your technology and improving your processes, it is essential to implement HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) plans, train your staff in rigorous health and safety procedures, and establish a food safety culture that will permeate through every step of the production line. Incorporate technology that is conducive to the maintenance of high food safety standards.

Expertly designed and built food safety technology is the most important part of high-functioning food production facilities. HS Innovations is dedicated to engineering these solutions for a variety of businesses throughout the food industry. We have over 90 years of  experience and we are committed to providing best-in-class products for our clients. Contact us for more information.

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