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Concerned about foreign material in processed food? NOT with the TNT Tri-clamp Sanitary Gaskets

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Many food meat processing companies spend a great deal of time and money to keep their products free of ANY foreign matter, including, but not limited to, organic material, wood, metal shavings, or any plastic material.

Food processors use x-ray machines and metal detectors to check for foreign material, so it can be caught before it leaves the processing plant.

Foreign material in the final product can result in a costly recall.


The problems with elastomeric gaskets

Historically, elastomeric gaskets have a tendency to degrade under normal operational conditions, and more so when subject to incorrect use.

While there have been improvements to create metal detectable elastomeric gaskets, the ability to detect the particles is proportional to the size of the pieces, thus, not every piece is detectable.

Example: Recently we tested several “metal detectable” elastomeric sanitaryImage of degraded elastomeric gaskets presenting food contamination risk. gaskets to ensure it met our client’s foreign material standard of detectability down to 1mm. The test results were alarming, not one of the gasket pieces we tested met the “1mm” criteria and most were not “metal detectable” using 8mm gasket pieces.

In our experience, these are the most common issues that cause elastomeric gaskets to fail:

  1. Many elastomeric sanitary gaskets have recommended torque values for tightening. However, when over-torqueing occurs, the gasket is extruded into the product stream, and the cross-sectional area of the gasket becomes thinner making it easier for the material to tear.
  2.  When the sanitary line is flowing hot oil, the gasket can become brittle and break off into the oil flow. This causes product contamination.
  3. When production lines are broken down for sanitation, there is an increased risk of gaskets being dropped, damaged or lost, which results in costly replacement.
  4. Elastomeric sanitary gaskets are not marked, and their sizes may not be obvious, requiring a ‘trial and error’ gasket fitting. Then the team member needs to find a matching size clamp and gasket in order to connect two sanitary tubes together. This results in wasted time and lost productivity.

The Solution:


HS Innovations has developed a newly designed sanitary gasket to eliminate ALL of these problems.


HS Innovations Sanitary Gasket solves many of the problems presented by traditional elastomeric gaskets.


The patent pending TNT (Tag and Tethered) Sanitary Gaskets introduce design improvements never before found in a sanitary gasket. This innovative all stainless steel design delivers several benefits over traditional elastomeric gaskets. Among the operational benefits, plant managers can expect improved productivity, reduced downtime, and decreased recall risk.

Here are the many ways the HS Innovations TNT Sanitary Gasket outperforms elastomeric gaskets:

1.   No Foreign Material Contamination from Over-Torquing
With our solid stainless steel gaskets, there is no risk of foreign material extruding into the pipes from over-torquing.

2.   The TAG: Perfect Size and AlignmentHS Innovations TNT Sanitary Gasket illustration reveals the components of the clamp, tether and gasket design.

>> Provides visual verification when installed as well as reduces leak points by utilizing the tag to center the gasket during installation. This customized tag slides through a slot in the sanitary clamp, where it has a retaining ring installed through a hole in the gasket’s tag, making the gasket and sanitary clamp a single assembly that cannot be easily separated.

>>Sanitary gasket sizes are engraved on one side of the Tabs/Tag and custom engraving options (ex. gasket location or equipment identification) are available upon request.

3.   The TETHER: No more lost gaskets

>>Prevents gaskets from being lost or separated from the clamp.

>>“No Tools Required” to replace or remove tethered gasket from clamp.

>>TNT slotted tri-clamp also protects the SS gasket from damage during sanitation.

>>Provided SS Tether ring allows customer to attach TNT gasket assembly using a chain or cable to equipment or sanitary piping for additional loss prevention.


HS INNOVATIONS  vs.  OTHER  “METAL  DETECTABLE” GASKETSThis table compares HS Innovations Stainless Sanitary Gaskets to traditional elastomeric gaskets.


The advantages are clear

HSI’s TNT Sanitary Gasket is safe, durable, and easy to use. This patent-pending design is the safest sanitary gasket and tri-clamp on the market today.

For more information visit  HS Innovations’ TNT Tri-clamp Sanitary Gasket for Food Processing,  or give us a call at 479-582-9000.

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