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How to Maintain a Sanitary Food Processing Facility

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In order for meat processors to meet today’s high standards and growing demands, they need to operate a sanitary meat processing facility that meets or exceeds the USDA guidelines. Though the demand for fresh and unprocessed food has risen, processing plants still have to deal with risks of contamination due to unsanitary practices. Whether you are retrofitting an older facility to meet the current needs or building a brand new one, here are a few tips that meat processing engineering consulting firms recommend that you must follow in order to design a meat processing plant that is as sanitary as possible.

Component Material Choices – It is extremely important to carefully choose the materials you use in your facility. All surfaces that come in contact with the food that is processed must be made from stainless steel, silicone or some other food-grade material. Areas that may not come in direct contact with food must also be made from non-porous materials that can be easily sanitized. Sanitary tubing and fitting seals are an extremely important item that needs to have its material chosen carefully.

NO FOREIGN MATERIAL IN THE MEAT!- To avoid expensive product recalls, using all materials that are X-ray-able or Metal Detectable is critical. But be aware, not all of these materials are equal. Component materials and blending, material durometer, assembly methods, and accountability are all critical parts in a successful campaign to maintain a sanitary and profitable processing plant.

If you are responsible for a meat processing facility and want to renovate it to help you maintain the USDA’s sanitary standards, feel free to contact HS Innovations – one of the best food processing engineering consulting in Arkansas. Call us today at 479.582.9000 and let us help you design a food processing facility where it is much easier to maintain sanitary standards. Our exclusive patented products and systems will make your job much easier. Also, see our array of products offered, many customizable.

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