Prevent Shut-Off Valves

The Ultimate Shut-off Valve for Food Processing - HS Innovations Prevent Valves

HS Innovations’ Prevent Shut-off Valves are the ultimate shut-off valves designed for use in poultry and other food processing plants. The unique design allows for quick and easy verification of valve status (open/closed or on/off) as well as various cam colors to identify flow fluid. These are specified when ordering.

The integral tamper-resistant Red locking device allows the valve to be Safely Locked Out in the “Off/Closed” position, which helps improve safety.

Many food processing plants use various caustic chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing. These harsh chemicals often reduce the lifespan of critical valves. NOT HS Innovations’. These Prevent Shut-off valves use the highest quality materials and are engineered to last at least 5 times longer than the competition. This means less downtime and increased production time.

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