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Chemical Cam Coupling – Prevent Accidental Chemical Mixing

Introducing the Chemical Cam Coupling system, purposefully engineered for industries that manage and store large volumes of chemicals. This system is indispensable for industries such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food processing, and chemical manufacturing where the safe transfer and storage of chemicals is essential.

Various industries employ a diverse array of chemicals that are often transported and moved to larger storage tanks. These chemicals, although hazardous individually, pose an even more significant threat if inadvertently mixed. Transferring these chemicals can be a potential risk to personnel involved in the process.

HS Innovations brings you a solution with the Chemical Cam System, designed to eliminate the risk of accidentally mixing chemicals during the transfer process. This ground-breaking system features two principal components: a male cam and a corresponding female cam, securely stored in a lock box. Each pair is exclusively designed for specific chemicals, preventing the possibility of accidental mixing.

At the center of this system is the HMI touch-screen panel, which provides a direct line of sight for operators to monitor the chemical transfer process. The system’s custom software ensures that only the correct information will unlock the corresponding lock box, leading to accurate coupling of cams and precise chemical transfers.

Key Advantages:

  • SAFETY FIRST – With color-coded cams and unique male/female ends, accidental mixing of incompatible chemicals is no longer a concern.
  • COST-EFFECTIVENESS – By ensuring accurate transfers, the system helps prevent potential shutdowns and costly cleanups, saving you both time and resources.
  • GREATER EFFICIENCY – With the digital touch-screen controller, you can supervise operations remotely, avoiding the need for time-consuming, on-site assistance. This system enhances your ability to manage your plant’s operations, boosting productivity.


  • Cams - Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, each male and female end is color-coded for easy recognition.
  • Digital Controller - An easy-to-use touch-screen interface equipped with software designed specifically for this application.
  • Sub-Controller - A durable stainless steel box that streamlines communication between the Digital Controller and the various Lock Boxes.
  • Lock Boxes - Secure stainless steel housing for the female ends of the chemical cams, with an indicator light that turns green once the correct unlocking process is completed.



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