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Food Processing Washdown Foamer

Foamers create a foam that adheres to the surface for cleaning purposes, and in our applications it is used to clean or washdown equipment in the food processing plant. The HSI foamer was designed to address various problems with current washdown foamers on the market. Servicing the current foamers is not efficient and creates opportunity for leaks and various debris to clog the unit.

HS Innovations’ Foamers have the option to be mounted to the HSI Prevent Sanitation Foaming Station.

Currently we have 3 different foamers:

  • High Pressure (HP)
  • Low Pressure (LP)
  • Airless




Additional Information


  •  In order to clear any clogs in the incoming water filter, you must remove the inlet connection
  •  Leaking upon reinstallation the NPT threaded pipe connection
  • If there is NOT proper clearing of debris or welding slag at installation, or when working up stream of the foamer, the debris can still clog the unit and result in removing the inlet piping to clear it
  • Check valves are plastic (a very common failure point) and not easily serviceable
  • Check valve failure point – area between high pressure water entering your compressed air system, thus causing serious issues down and up stream of the air supply in your plant


  • Solid Stainless Steel hydraulic body design
  • Cartridge valves on all inlets for ease of servicing
  • Cartridge strainer/filter for quick removal, cleaning and reinstallation
  • Check valves are rated 1000 psi so no more water can bypass the unit and cause dangerous splashing of chemicals.
  • A second SS check valve prevents the water from backflowing into the compressed air line.
  • Needle valves on the chemical inlets for ease of adjustments – Assists in finely controlling the flow of chemicals, helping reduce waste or overuse. A jam nut on this needle valve stem allows it to be locked into position.
  • A second needle valve on the internal airline allows the correct airflow to be injected into the foamer stream.
  • A top access port above the eductor allows the team member to quickly remove a plug and service or backflush the unit if required. A quick re-install of the O-ring sealed plug and it’s ready to use.
  • Purpose built from the ground up Airless Wand that outperforms the competition and incorporates an easy to change filter screen.
  • Works with multiple pressure ranges 75-500 psi (depending on the type of foamer: HP, LP and Airless).



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