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Harsh Environment Laser Level (H.E.L.L.)

HSI’s Harsh Environment Laser Level was designed to monitor and regulate levels of a free-flowing substance within a tank, ideally suited for use in harsh oil applications up to 500°F.

This laser level was designed for applications such as hot oil day tanks where water vapor and oil sediment can interfere with the IFM laser signal.


Additional Information

The IFM Laser is mounted to a 4″ sanitary cap that allows the sensor to be serviced or cleaned without the use of tools to remove it. The guide rods allows for oil with heavy sediment such as crumb material to easily pass through the guide rod assemble without the float ball sticking and preventing inaccurate level readings. The guide rod assembly can be custom fabricated to application requirements and can be installed on existing 4” sanitary connection on top of tank.
IFM Laser:
The optical laser sensor O1D300 is configured to detect the object and background via the teach function.  The visible laser light allows for easy alignment.  Due to the robust and compact metal housing, the high protection rating, and the precise objet detection, the laser distance sensor O1D300 with M12 plug connection is suited for position control in harsh oil applications.


  • Optical level sensor O1D300 from IFM electronic (range of 0.2-10 m)
  • Compact metal housing (high protection rating of IP67)
  • Open area to access stainless steel ball for ease of cleaning


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