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Hydraulic Prevent Shut-Off Valves

Production floor environments often cause difficulties with identifying and operating valves for mechanical applications. Shutting off the return valve before the pressure valve on a hydraulic system commonly leads to leaking seals on hydraulic components.

The Solution 

Designed specifically for the production floor, our Hydraulic Prevent Series Valves only allow the “supply” side to be shut before the “return” side – preventing unwanted pressure on hydraulic motor seals.

The standard Washdown Proof Flow Control addresses the issues caused by corrosive wash-down chemicals or breading dust on exposed stem threads, by sealing the stem in a stainless steel adjusting cover and filling the void with a food grade grease.

The integral singular Red locking device allows both valves to be Safely Locked Out in the “Off/Closed” position.

Black Cams indicate a Hydraulic Panel.


Additional Information

  • All Stainless Steel Hardware and Fittings
  • Modular Design for added Configurations
  • Single Lockout for Isolation
  • O-Ring Boss (SAE) Valve Work Ports with included Male JIC Adapter Fittings
2000 WOG Rated Valves HSI Pressure Compensated Flow Control   
  • 8 gpm Standard (other available upon request)
  • Guaranteed adjustability
  • Micrometer Adjusting cover adjusts to 1/1000 of an inch (0.001″)
  • Encapsulated Sleeve sealing ring therefore impervious to all known washdown chemicals
  • High Temp Viton Seals
  • All Stainless Steel construction
  • HSI EZ-ID color indicates various size of flow control


thumbnail of Block and Bleed for Safety Brochure_Rev-HSI916060


thumbnail of Block and Bleed for Safety Brochure_Rev-HSI916060
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