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Marination Cart


The portable HSI Marination Cart collects overrun of marination and solid material on the food processing line, thus decreasing marination loss through transfer conveyors and equipment transitions. This cart has been customized to not only collect material but also to separate solids from the marination.



Additional Information

The wedge wire screen on the top of the hopper facilitates in the separation of the liquid versus solids. Liquids flow through the screen and drop into the collection hopper in the bottom, to be pumped out into large storage container later. This has the benefits of minimizing cost of sending this to waste water for treatment and increasing profit by selling the marination. The larger food solids or premium offal product can then be collected and used in pet food operations. Again being sold for profit instead of having to be disposed of by other means.


Entire cart:
  • FDA/USDA approved materials in entire construction
  • Wash down rated
  • Wheels for ease of mobility and process line disassembly
  • Solid rigid construction for years of use and abuse
  • Handle for transporting to offload area
  Bottom Hopper:
  • Stainless steel construction solid welded with sanitary connections
  • 2" butterfly valve for emptying and cleaning
  Top wedge wire filter
  •  Manual filter sweep for removing solid material
  • Wedge wire screen for liquid separation
  • Tilt function for aiding in cleaning
  • Tilt function gas shock held for ergonomics
  Specs at this build size:
  • Liquid capacity:  48 gal (US)
  • Dimensions: 67" L x 28.25" W x 20.50" H (collection point height)
  • Dry weight:  390 lbs


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