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Oil Reclaim and Cooling Assist (ORCA)

The ORCA (Oil Reclaim & Cooling Assist) system by HS Innovations is specifically designed for food manufacturers in the poultry industry. It addresses the challenges faced during the production process, where oil is lost from the fryer through the product or during oil filtration, a phenomenon commonly known as ‘carry out.’

The fryer oil filtration process typically has a heavy oil to sediment crumb ratio.

The ORCA system enhances safety and efficiency in the oil filtration process and is designed to be attached to existing sediment filter conveyors, providing substantial benefits to the targeted audience.

Benefits for Poultry Product Manufacturers:


  1. Extended oil life: The ORCA system reduces the levels of Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) in the oil, resulting in increased oil longevity. This helps manufacturers save on oil costs and maintain high-quality products.
  2. Enhanced safety: By incorporating the ORCA system, the average temperature of sediment/crumb is lowered by at least 100°F, minimizing the risk of crumb combustion through smoldering. This improvement in safety ensures a secure working environment for employees.
  3. Sustainable solution: The ORCA system eliminates the need for water to cool the oil and sediment/crumb. Instead, it utilizes a cooling method that pulls cool air through the system. This sustainable approach reduces water consumption and environmental impact.
  4. Cost reduction: The ORCA system reclaims and recirculates the oil, reducing the need for fresh oil. This leads to significant cost savings for manufacturers, as they require less new oil for their production processes.
  5. Improved sediment/crumb removal: By reclaiming oil, the ORCA system decreases the oil saturation in the sediment/crumb, allowing for more effective removal during transport. This optimization results in cost savings and operational efficiency.
  6. Simplified cleaning process: With decreased oil in the sediment/crumb bins, cleaning becomes easier and more efficient. The ORCA system reduces oil buildup, facilitating the cleaning process for manufacturers.
The ORCA system by HS Innovations provides poultry food manufacturers with a comprehensive solution that enhances safety, sustainability, and cost-efficiency in the oil filtration process, benefiting their operations and end products.



Additional Information

  • Increased oil life due to the reduction in FFAs (Free Fatty Acids).
  • Increase in safety by dropping the average temperature of sediment/crumb by at least 100°F, mitigating potential crumb combustion through smoldering.
  • Increase sustainability as there is no need for water to cool the oil and sediment/crumb. The ORCA pulls cool air through the system cooling the oil.
  • Decrease in cost by reclaiming oil to be reused so less new oil is needed.
  • Decrease in cost by reclaiming oil. This decreases the oil saturation of sediment/crumb and now more crumb can be removed in transport.
  • Decrease oil in sediment/crumb bins makes this easier to clean.



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