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Prevent Sanitation Foaming Station

HS Innovations’ Prevent Sanitation Foaming Station was designed to eliminate

  • confusion of what chemicals are associated with various valves
  • cutting and welding for service
  • foreign material issues
  • trapped air

This is a standard size package that regardless of the combination of services needed, we can expand and adapt the same stand to fit your plant needs.  These stations can be configured with 1-5 Prevent valve setups.

Additional Information

We have twelve (12) standard color cams that can be used to quickly identify the services being used across your plant.  Using this color coding breaks the language barrier, having signage in a few locations throughout the plant. This allows your team to have confidence in what service they are handling, knowing the risks of the chemicals involved.

Our patented Kurnuts™ included on the 3-piece valves guarantee that there are no missing handles. This keeps your team member safe in emergency shutoff situations or during Lock Out Tag Out.  These 3-piece valves also allow maintenance to repair and replace seals without cutting and welding on the production floor.

Our compressed air valves come standard with 3-way block and bleed valves. This bleeds the downstream store energy of the compressed air lines removing the potential risk of accidental release of energy blowing chemicals in the air/face of team member. Our regulators are standards with safety glass gauges, stainless steel bowl and body construction.  This construction removes the risk of breakage of plastic compressed air components sending foreign material into your product stream.


  • Single point Lock Out Tag Out clasp
  • OSHA Block and Bleed Air valve
  • Stainless steel sanitary construction
  • Kurnut 3-piece ball valves
  • Color coded Prevents
  • Stainless steel regulator and water separator
  • Stainless steel hose reels
  • HSI Foamer
  • All weld construction available upon request


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Fayetteville AR 72703
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