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Trapped Key / E-Stop Control System

Improve Production Floor Safety

HS Innovations new Trapped Key/E-Stop control system can be a stand-alone system, or it can be used in conjunction with our new Block and Bleed hydraulic valving, which controls flows up to 70 gpm and 3000 psi.


Additional Information

  • Block and Bleed valve assembly opens or closes the hydraulic pressure line to the system.
  • When this valve assembly is closed (Blocked) a ‘Bleed’ valve opens to tank giving a true ‘Zero Energy State’.


  • Entire system has an IP69K washdown rating.
  • Trapped Key/E-Stop controller has a Category 3 safety rating.
  • Other Block and Bleed valves available up to 145 gpm and 317 gpm.
  • Main housing dimensions: 11 3/4" tall, 9 13/16" wide, 6" deep


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