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Washdown Proof Flow Controls

HS Innovations’ Washdown Proof Flow Control addresses the issues, caused by corrosive wash-down chemicals or breading dust on exposed stem threads, by sealing the stem in a stainless steel adjusting cover and filling the void with a food grade grease.

To accommodate various setups, 3-, 6-, 9- station manifolds are available.




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Additional Information

  • Guaranteed adjustability
  • Adjusting handle can NOT be turned past full open - improved safety
  • HSI EZ-ID color indicates various size of flow control


  • Micrometer Adjusting cover adjusts to 1/1000 of an inch (0.001")
  • Encapsulated Sleeve sealing ring therefore impervious to all known washdown chemicals
  • High Temp Viton Seals
  • All Stainless steel construction
  • See detailed specs on sheet below
  • thumbnail of Flow Control-CartridgeStyle SpecSheet_NoBleeds

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