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Water Saver Stainless Orifice Fitting


Improve sanitation of poultry production plants by maintaining higher wash down pressure while allowing pumps to operate within pump curve.

This undetectable orifice fitting installed in a wash down pipe drop will limit water flow to 6gpm at 600 psi to the hose and guns assembly. This will prevent excess wash down water flow enabling a higher water header pressure to be maintained.

Installing this orifice above the ball valve will prevent anyone from drilling out the orifice after installation.

Custom flow rate fittings are available.


Additional Information

P/N:  NO38-1  3/8" NPT male pipe x 3/8" NPT female pipe P/N: NO38-2  3/8" NPT male pipe x 3/8": NPT male pipe P/N: NO 38-3  3/8"  NPT female pipe x 3/8" NPT female pipe


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