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Vacuum Pumps should Suck, right?

Vacuum pumps installed in a food processing plant

Maybe you have an application for vacuum so you are planning on buying a vacuum pump, or you already have a vacuum pump in your facility.

We at HS Innovations are here to provide some tips / tricks and general knowledge to help you get the most ‘suck for your buck’.

Vacuum pumps installed in a food processing plant


There are 3 main types of vacuum inducing pieces of equipment used in food manufacturing:

  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps – (water seal or oil seal)
        – typically used in evis / offal product / marination systems
  • Vane Type Vacuum Pumps
        – typically used in packaging applications
  • Vacuum Blowers
        – typically used in dust collection / bone or shell transfer systems

Each type has their pros and cons, but what is true for all types is that a good PM program with educated and trained technicians is necessary to ensure that these pumps will keep running with minimal issues.

Check back in on our upcoming blogs as we dive into each type and help explain what you need to be aware of and looking for with maintaining this piece of equipment.

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