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HSI’s Focus on Reducing MTBF for Food Producers

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Revolutionizing Food Processing with Innovative Solutions

HS Innovations, Inc. (HSI) has been at the forefront of enhancing safety and efficiency in the food processing industry, with a particular focus on reducing the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of equipment. Initially a repair company, HSI, under CEO Trent Andersen, evolved into an innovation-driven firm. Our pioneering Kurnut™ Ball Valve addressed the prevalent issue of missing ball valve handles in manufacturing, marking a significant leap in safety standards.

Setting Industry Standards with Prevent Valves

HSI’s Prevent Valves, identifiable by their color-coded lock-out cams, have revolutionized the identification of chemical supply lines in processing plants. This innovative approach tackled the challenge of uniform and unlabeled utility piping, boosting both safety and efficiency.

Enhancing Plant Efficiency and Safety

The customizable features of HSI’s Prevent panels have further cemented our commitment to operational efficiency and worker safety. These solutions have proved particularly effective in bridging language barriers, ensuring inclusivity and understanding in diverse workforce settings.

A Holistic Approach to Equipment Reliability

By focusing on increasing MTBF, HSI has redefined the approach to managing production bottlenecks and equipment reliability, marking a significant industry shift.

Comprehensive Safety and Efficiency Solutions

HSI’s all-encompassing approach in offering consultation, innovation, and education services underlines our dedication to safer, more cost-effective processes for our clients. Our influence in the industry is evident in the widespread adoption of our methodologies and products.

HSI Recognized by Food and Beverage Technology Review

HSI’s innovative strides have been recently highlighted in Food and Beverage Technology Review, showcasing HSI’s impact in the food processing sector. For a detailed insight into HSI’s groundbreaking solutions and to understand how HSI can benefit your operations, read the full feature here.

Interested in enhancing your food processing operations with HSI’s innovative solutions? Contact HSI today to explore how we can help your business achieve greater safety, efficiency, and reliability.

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